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Pet Portraits

Having a love of all God's creatures, it brings me joy to paint them.  I try to capture your pets personality and we all know they have one. Our fur babies, no matter how big or small are a part of our family.  Many of the pet portraits I have done are ones of pets that have passed.  The best compliment is when the client sees the portrait the first time and tears up.  You know in that moment that you captured their heart and the client approves.  I normally ask for several photos and I review them to see if they will "read well" as a painting.  (See the Commission tab for approximate pricing.)


Send me your best shot

Email me several pictures of your furry friend and I can review them.  Not all photos "read" well as paintings but choosing the right picture is crucial in getting the best painting.

Clara and pups.JPG

Tell me about Ruffus

I want to hear about this sweet creature.  We will talk about Ruffus, or Mr/Miss Kitty, get to know you and what you are looking for in a painting.


Paint touches Paper

Painting your fur baby is a process.  I take my time in layering those colors to reveal and capture a painterly quality.  Scroll down the page to view some of my work.

From my hand to your home

With the process complete, your fur baby comes to life.  Now it's just a matter of finding the right wall to hang it.

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