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A Bit About Me

My name is Teresa Heinz, and I love to paint with watercolors. I enjoy painting for myself but my true joy comes from being able to share my passion with others. I love providing my clients a piece of art from one of their photos or favorite memories.  Large or small, a custom piece of art makes a fantastic gift. By creating these works for a customers, you have the ability to give a unique and original piece of art. If you are interested in custom work or have any inquires please contact me.


Some of my accomplishments

December thru January 2019

I had the privilege of being the artist selected to reopen the Saint Alphonsus Art Wall following the Covid shutdown.  As a Saint Alphonsus nurse and knowing the protocols, I was able to set up and manage the wall since the Volunteer staff was not able to return to campus.  The remarks from associates and the public was overwhelming.  I was pleased to have brought back our art wall with bright and cheerful works.  The positive comments made it an incredibly joyful experience.

Art Wall.jpg

August 2017 - 2021

 Our Idaho State Fair is a wonderful experience and you see the incredible talent of local and state artists.  It is always an honor to bring home that ribbon, but just taking the time to enter any show is a win. 

Teri's Bio

Art has always been a passion and it came quite naturally.  As a small child I wanted to create.  Crafting, sewing, drawing, anything creative drew me in and I was lost in a world of inspiration. Starting off in college wanting to be an art major, I ended up a nurse.  That did not stop my creative juices.  A community education class in the mid 80's gave me my first taste of watercolor and my instructor was an amazing artist.  Throughout the years I have painted, taken workshops and developed my own style.  I love sharing this gift with others and have always adopted the idea that everyone should own at least one original piece of art.  Art should be something that you feel inspired by, calmed, swept away or just bring you a giggle.  Surround yourself with color and your world will always be a brighter place.

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